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The cost-effective way to file your 1099 forms!

You can e-file your 1099 forms online in minutes. Your online files are electronically sent to the IRS for fast, efficient, and simple filing. We also print and mail recipient copies for you to keep for your tax records. You can efficiently file all your 1099 forms in minutes.

Who is it for?

This service is for Businesses, CPAs, accounting professionals, or individuals. Whether you have one OR hundreds of 1099s to file, then our services are for you. Standard pricing includes printing, mailing, and filing services.

Why use us?

We have designed an easy do-it-yourself online service for managing all of your 1099 tax forms. Our service is simple, cost-effective, efficient, and secure.

Filing your 1099 tax forms online has never been easier! And as we file your forms electronically, 1096 is not needed. If you have a handful of forms, you can manually create the filer and recipient information and create individual forms. Or you can upload your data into our system but populating and uploading our easy-to-use Excel template.

You can print draft copies of your forms before check out to ensure accuracy. Once you have completed all your forms, you can check out securely. Once you check out, we process the form. We e-file with the IRS and e-deliver or mail paper copies to the recipients.

We are an IRS-approved federal e-filing provider. We offer prompt customer support in case you need help.

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  •    Allows you to process any number of forms seamlessly and economically from one to hundreds.
  •    Removes the need to buy and fill out lengthy forms.
  •    It eliminates the need to invest in any software.
  •    Eliminate the administrative, and IT costs associated with yearend 1099 processing.
  •    Once you fill out your forms, we print, mail (or e-deliver), and electronically file with the IRS.
  •    Uploading your forms quickly instead of manually filling out forms.

1099 Pricing includes:

  • e-filing of federal copy
  • E-Deliver or mail recipient copy
  • Payer copy report in PDF format
  • Filing confirmation via email

1099 Responsibility of your business:

  • Enter or upload accurate 1099 infomration
  • Checkout
  • Print and mail a copy to state or local agencies as required
  • Save and print your copies for your records

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  • File your tax forms with ease and confidence
  • Set up payer and recipient data for future use
  • Rest assured of our reliable data security

Check our Privacy Policy, and rest assured that we do not sell or share your information!

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Returning Users

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  • File new forms
  • Edit and transfer data to avoid re-keying
  • Store all records under one account for easy reference
  • Manage forms already submitted with IRS

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Supported Forms:

Don't see a form you need?

If you do not see a form that you need to file, please get in touch with us, and we will try our best to meet your needs.

Explanation of Filing Options:

Choose between three available options:

Option 1: e-File + Print & Mail

Option 1 is the default filing option in which we e-file with the IRS and print and mail (or e-deliver) recipient copies.

Option 2: e-File Only

In this option, we only e-file. If you want to provide recipients at your end and only want us to file with the IRS electronically, this is the option you must choose.

Option 3: Print & Mail Only

In this option, we print and mail recipient copies. If you have already submitted (or will submit) your information to the IRS but want us to provide copies to your recipients, this is the option for you.

Additional Service: TIN Checking

Avoid penalties for reporting a wrong TIN for your recipients. We are an IRS-approved TIN Check provider. If you choose this option, we will confirm the TIN before submitting your form to the IRS. Please click here to learn more about TIN Checking and why you should utilize it.

Additional Services: Corrections Filing

If you identify errors on a 1099 form after filing your forms with the IRS, we fix those errors by filing correction forms with the IRS

Please note: IRS guidelines state that a recipient should consent before an electronic statement is delivered; otherwise, you must provide a paper copy. To read more about e-Delivery, check out Electronic Delivery of Statements.